AP Physics C: Mechanics

This comprehensive, self-paced course includes all topics required by the AP College Board ®. Try chapter one for free.

What you will learn

You will learn all the objectives defined by the College Board's AP Physics C: Mechanics syllabus.
You will learn multiple problem solving strategies that will reduce your time needed to solve problems.


  1. Strong knowledge in algebra and trigonometry
  2. Have taken, or be concurrently enrolled in, calculus (does not need to be AP calculus).


Examit’s AP® Physics C: Mechanics course covers all content required by the College Board’s AP Physics C: Mechanics syllabus.  The topics covered in this course include one and two dimensional kinematics, circular motion and gravity, linear and rotational dynamics, work and energy, linear and angular momentum, and oscillations.  It is recommended that students plan for approximately 42 hours throughout the school term to complete this course, which equates to roughly a module and a half per week.  This course is a great supplement for students taking the course in school, but is also designed so that students do not need to be enrolled in an AP Physics C: Mechanics course to adequately prepare for the exam.  Students enrolling in this course need a strong ability in algebra and trigonometry, and be enrolled in, or have taken, a calculus class.

This self-paced course is delivered in eight chapters and 35 modules, including practice quizzes at the end of modules.  Content is created by AP Physics teachers and reflect the approaches and methods needed to succeed on the AP Physics C: Mechanics exam, and practice questions mimic the language and problem-solving methods of the exam.  There are over 300 practice multiple choice problems, each with answer explanations and linked references to the relevant modules explaining the concepts.  A random question generator will employ all multiple-choice questions into a bank when students need extra practice.  

Examit employs a revolutionary learning module whereby students can connect with other exam takers by directly messaging them, creating study groups, or viewing and responding to comments and questions with in-text references.  Students can earn achievement levels in various fields which can be visible to other users.  Discussions and contributions can be automatically filtered based on a user’s helpfulness rating.  Examit has now opened the source of learning to the world-wide community!  Try chapter one for free!

Course content

  • One Dimensional Kinematics
    6 modules • 6 quizzes • 7hrs 50min
  • Two Dimensional Kinematics
    3 modules • 2 quizzes • 3hrs 20min
  • Dynamics & Newton's Laws of Motion
    5 modules • 4 quizzes • 6hrs 30min
  • Circular Motion and Gravity
    3 modules • 3 quizzes • 3hrs
  • Work and Energy
    5 modules • 4 quizzes • 7hrs
  • Linear Momentum
    3 modules • 3 quizzes • 4hrs
  • Rotational Dynamics
    6 modules • 6 quizzes • 6hrs 15min
  • Oscillations
    4 modules • 4 quizzes • 4hrs
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