Functionality Disclaimer

Achievement Badges

Achievement badges are a way to measure and monitor a student’s positive contributions and growth throughout the course. Badges are visible to other users and are an indication of that student’s aptitude and relevant contributions to the course community.

There are three types of badges; Quizmaster, Communicator, and Favorable Rating. All students will start with a starter level on their badges and can earn promotions to bronze, silver, and gold by attaining the achievement levels defined below.

Communicator Badge

Starter: The first achievement level
Bronze: Contribute to 5 discussions
Silver: Contribute to 10 discussions
Gold: Contribute to 15 discussions

Quizmaster Badge

Starter: The first achievement level
Bronze: At least 5 quizzes with an average score of 40% or better
Silver: At least 10 quizzes with an average score of 50% or better
Gold: At least 15 quizzes with an average score of 60% or better

Favorable Rating Badge

Starter: The first achievement level
Bronze: Get 5 thumbs up on a chat or comment contribution
Silver: Get 10 thumbs up on a chat or comment contribution
Gold: Get 15 thumbs up on a chat or comment contribution


Nearly all modules will have a multiple-choice quiz at the end. The quiz must be completed in order for a student to move on to the next module. It is recommended that a student allows approximately 15 – 20 minutes to take the quiz. If a student would like to exit the quiz they may come back to it at any time – they are not timed. A student has the option of revisiting the quiz as much as they like after a quiz is completed. Completed quiz questions are then added to the bank of the random question generator.

A student’s first chosen answer option will be the result tabulated for the quizmaster badge. Take your time with these quizzes – the questions are not easy and they reflect the difficulty and language of an actual AP exam.

Once an answer is chosen the student will have the ability to view the content in the module relevant to the question or to view an explanation. Then, the student may attempt to answer the question a second, third, or fourth time. Keep in mind that only the first attempt at an answer affects the quizmaster badge.

Random Question Generator (RQG)

The random question generator is designed so that students can practice random questions from completed modules throughout the school year. The format of the questions will look identical to the quiz – they will have a view content and view explanation button – but these answers will not be calculated into the quizmaster badge. Only questions from completed quizzes will be available in the RQG bank.

The RQG will have very few questions in the beginning of the course, but it will eventually fill with over 300 multiple choice questions. The RQG is a great tool to keep sharp and proficient in previously learned content and will prove very useful in preparing for the AP exam in spring.

Acceptable Behavior

Because use of this site includes message boards and chat functionalities, Examit requires users to uphold the terms of the content standards, notwithstanding other stipulations, as defined in the end user license agreement. Students may not publish any material that is defamatory, obscene, indecent, abusive, offensive, harassing, violent, hateful, inflammatory, consisting of or tending to result in bullying or cyberbullying, or otherwise objectionable. Examit reserves the right to remove any post that includes such content as well as terminate or suspend a student’s access to any and all parts of the site as a result. If you feel that a post is in violation of the content standards please report it either via the chat function or at [email protected].